Swedish terms & conditions for online merchants

In need of Swedish terms & conditions for your store?

Think local adaptation

If you plan to enter the Swedish market you should consider adapting of your terms & conditions document rather than just a translation. The service E-avtalet provides terms & conditions (e-commerce) for the Swedish market based on Swedish legislation. Leading European merchants have employed E-avtalet terms & conditions for their Swedish shops.

Benefits of E-avtalet terms & conditions service

Fast and cost effective
Swedish terms & conditions in under an hour at a fixed cost.
Makes your store trustworthy
Gain trust as a local adapted version of the terms & conditions document will appear more familiar to your visitors.
Tailored for your store
Built on a proven template that is highly customizable and adapted for your store.
Increase your sales
Better sales performance as issues with the terms & conditions is a major cause for cart abandonment.


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Fixed price

E-avtalet is offered at a monthly cost currently 199 SEK / month (approx. 20€).

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